Doonside LAC Representation Selection Process:


Age managers and athletes will be are asked to nominate their choice of Relay event. The Championship Committee and Coaches will then select the athletes based on ability and availability to represent the centre in the Track & Field teams at State Relays and the Centre Relay Teams for Zone. All athletes selected to represent DLAC are require to attend training sessions prior to Relays.


Athletes will be are asked to nominate their choice of their best events in order of preference. The Championships Committee will then select the four athletes to represent the centre in each event to best enhance the Centres chance to progress to Region. The athlete’s selected will have competed in and have a minimum of 3 recorded performances in any event they nominate for. The athlete should be prepared to compete at Region and State Championships.

Selected athletes will be notified as the event approaches.

On the day
All competitors must compete in full Centre Uniform. Singlets may be worn untucked, providing your age patch number is still visible.
The Doonside Centre Number 140 must be worn on the back of the uniform at representative carnivals. These will be given out as required.
Footwear as per LANSW rule
On arrival to the ground all competitors must report to the Centre Manager for the carnival to have their names recorded.
Each event is called only twice. When your event is called, please proceed to the designated marshalling area.
After completing a track event, you must stay in your lane until place judging is completed. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. All field events athletes will be collected by the Clash Manager of the carnival and then taken to their track event; once the track event is completed they must proceed straight back to their field event, once they have left the recording area.


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