Rules of Competition at Centre:

Will be as set by Little Athletics Association N.S.W. and Doonside Little Athletics Centre.


The events of competition will be set by the Championships Committee, adopting the Associations recommended events per age group. The program will follow a two week pattern and make contain extra events (eg fun events) to provide and interesting program for all athletes.


Any athlete found misbehaving in their age group may be disciplined by their age manager. For age groups Tiny Tots to Under 12’s the disciplinary action is two warnings with time out in the Committee Room this may proceed to disqualification from competition for the night. For the Under 13’s to Under 17’s it will be one warning with time out in the Committee Room then disqualification from competition for the night. For major or uncontrollable misbehaviour the athlete will receive one warning then disciplinary action will follow. Any disputes arising from the disciplining of athletes will be handled firstly by the Championship Committee but may be referred to the full Doonside LAC Committee if needed.


The Point Score System:


A comparison week by week of each age group athlete’s ability and effort during the season. This is used to calculate the end of season awards. The Points Score System is not used to select athletes for competition in representative carnivals.


Points are only awarded on all events completed by each age group on regular competition nights by DLAC.


Points are allocated using the points system below in each event after grading is complete.


Total points each week for athletes are added to previous points, making regular attendance and important part of the points score system.


Placing Points
1st 7
2nd 6
3rd 5
4th 4
5th 3
6th 2
7th + 1






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