Please read through the Centre Constitution. We will be asking for you as members of the club to vote on implementing this constitution.

Please take particular notice of the changes we have made as follows:

2.1 – Corrected spelling of President under executive positions

14.2 (b) inclusion of Vice President and Registrar as executive position to allow for us to have the required five executive positions.

15.5 – Change our elected term for Executive committee to two years beginning this year with President, Secretary and Treasurer not being elected for three years (End of 2018 season) and Vice President and Registrar being elected after 2 (End of Season 2017) to allow for the staggered re-election.

16.2 – Removing the word deleted from next to Vice President

16.5 – Removing the word deleted from next to Registrar

37 (b) –  Increased the number of days before mail is deemed delivered to  5 days.

Centre Constitution 2016

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