Full centre uniforms are to be worn at all times on Friday nights and outside centre competitions and can be purchased at the field on Friday nights.

The Club caters for children of all abilities aged between 3 and 17 years. The focus is on children’s fun and fitness. Talented athletes may also have the opportunity to compete in higher level competitions, subject to qualification at LAANSW carnivals.

Venue: Charlie Bali Reserve, Doonside (Inside the Nurragingy Reserve).

Competition: Every Friday night commencing in September and ending in March. Due to some LAANSW Carnivals some weeks are run on Thursdays. There are a few weeks break over Christmas/New Year, but otherwise Little Athletics operates throughout all school and public holidays.

Tiny Tots: In a contained environment, Tots are taught gross motor skills with an emphasis on fun and learning basic athletics skills.

Age Groups: 6 and above are put into gender based groups with an Age Manager (a parent with some coaching credentials) and follow a program of events ranging from sprinting to long distance, throws and jumps. Results are recorded and provided to age managers weekly. Points are allocated each week and added at the end of the season to determine Trophy(s) winners. Children are grouped strictly according to their date of birth – there is no flexibility to change age group.

Timing: All competition commences at 6pm. Younger age groups sometimes finish earliest, generally around 7.30-8.00pm, older age groups may finish around 9-9.30pm depending of the size of the group.

Parental Involvement: For Occupational Health and Safety and Child Protection reasons IT IS COMPULSORY that at least one parent is present at the Doonside Field all times while the child/ren are there. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. Parents are always required to help with the many jobs involved with running the carnival, such as BBQ, canteen, track timing, setup and pack up etc,

Programme: The programme is run on a 2 week basis – More info in your Handbook or on the board outside the Committee room.

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